Last scion of a disgraced noble house training to become a Templar


Background: Ferelden Freeman
Class: Warrior
Age: 24

Abilities (Foci)
Communication 3 (Animal Handling)
Constitution 2
Cunning 0
Dexterity 1
Magic 0
Perception 2
Strength 4
Willpower 2 (Courage)

Talents and Abilities
Language: King’s Tongue
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Bows, Heavy Blades, Axes
Novice Two-handed – Targets are knocked back 2 yards on successor hits
Novice Sword and Shield – Gain the ability to use shields
Novice Armor Training – Use light and medium armor without taking a Dexterity penalty

Adventuring Gear and clothing
Heavy Leather Armor
Shortbow and 40 arrows in quiver
Medium Shield

Secondary Stats
Hit points 36 (4 rounds bleeding out before death)
Defense 11 (13 with shield)
Armor 4
Speed 11 (10 with armor)
Greatsword 4 (3d65)
Axe 4 (2d64)
Shortbow 1 (1d63)


Landon is the last male member of a lesser noble house from Denerim. His father was accused of treason during the last war with Orlais and executed. Landon was stripped of any noble titles and was forced to fend for himself after his mother left for Orlais out of shame.

Landon entered the templar order and began training, but has to prove himself to the order. He moonlighted as mercenary for a while but was told by his trainers that he had to focus solely on his templar training. To test his resolve, he was tasked to accompany a Circle Mage on small quests in Ferelden.

His only companion is Thor, a Mabari war hound he found as a pup three years ago, near Lake Calahad. The pup was hungry and wounded and Landon cared for him. After the dog got better, he bonded to Landon and Landon named him Thor.


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